One community’s struggle illuminates the crisis of a nation


The charming small towns and picturesque landscapes of Brown County, Indiana attract artists and seasonal tourists, but behind the scenes the community grapples with most widespread public health issue of our time.

Nearly every family, classroom, and workplace in Brown County feels the devastating ripple effects of heroin, meth, and opioid addiction. From the second-by-second panic of overdose to the slower deaths of despair, the ramifications of addiction run deep in America.

In The Addict’s Wake, one small, tight-knit community delivers piercing insight and critical perspective to an issue that impacts the nation.

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In Brown County and throughout the United States, the stakes could not be higher. Hear from the teachers, law enforcement officers, and community leaders working hard to stem the tide of addiction. See the issue play out in courts, treatment centers, and faith-based programs. Come alongside a community searching for solutions and hope on the long journey from addiction to recovery. The Addict’s Wake shows the depth of the crisis, but also sheds light on a path forward.

Join the Movement and build awareness in your community of how this crisis impacts each one of us.

Together we can move the barometer of stigma and shame. Help us reverse the trends and statistics, and bring hope to each person touched by the addiction crisis.

Have a heart for someone in recovery!

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