Telling the stories of recovery, relapse, and redemption


In making this documentary, leading creatives and strategic partners linked arms in the battle against addiction. Seen through the eyes of one small community, The Addict’s Wake forms a microcosm of a critical problem facing America.


Executive Producer/Producer

Award winning first time filmmaker, Lisa Hall created the concept for The Addict’s Wake, to give voice to the struggle she has witnessed first-hand. With a background in non-profit leadership, and long experience working with women in incarceration she is deeply committed to the message of the film. Lisa attended Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business and worked in corporate marketing and fundraising for 30 years. She also has a Masters in Applied Biblical Studies from Moody Bible Institute. She currently travels in support of the film and for speaking engagements to further the spread of awareness, and community engagement.



Michael Husain is the director and co-producer of “The Addict’s Wake”, the founder of Good Vibes Media and the winner of multiple National Emmy Awards for his documentary work. Michael is the writer, producer, and director of over 200 hours of documentary and non-fiction television including the ESPN 30 for 30 short “Slick, Nancy and the Telethon”, he helped launch A&E’s long-running American Justice series and created multiple episodes of A&E’s Biography series, ESPN’s SportsCentury, disaster, medical and lifestyle programming for Discovery Networks, along with work for The History Channel, VH-1, HGTV, PBS, and other independent films.


Director of Photography

Bryan Boyd is trusted by the world’s elite businesses, studios, and agencies to help bring ideas to life, demonstrated through his work on creative teams for clients such as Snapchat, Google, WSJ, Netflix, PBS, A+E, and others. As a visual artist and storyteller his work has won multiple Emmy®️️ Awards, journalism awards, and film festival accolades. Whether working as DP, Director, or Producer, Bryan brings his unique eye and distinctive style to every project.



Aric Hartvig is a NATAS Emmy©️️️ awarded Producer, Editor and Cinematographer for PBS. Aric got his start at WFYI in Indianapolis, after graduating from Taylor University. He has since produced and edited 8 national documentaries for National Public Television. His most recent editing project The Addict’s Wake represents his greatest efforts in film work. His passion for addiction recovery started in 2018 with PBS Newshour and continues to this day with The Addict’s Wake team and Brianna’s Hope.


Creative Consultant

Academy Award-winning producer Don Glascoff added creative insight and production assistance for The Addict’s Wake as part of his commitment to documentaries that cover human rights, civil liberties, and freedom of expression.



Award-winning producer and publicist Amy Pauszek served as a process initiator for the documentary, and helped to assemble the initial team that made this project possible.