Conferences, corporations, schools, churches, treatment centers, private groups, advocacy, community leadership

How to Use This Film!

There are a multitude of ways screening this film can be useful to create an impact in your community.

This film will help build public awareness, reduce stigma, and start community conversations. See all our specific suggestions below.

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Corporations and Community Leaders

Every year corporations and municipalities lose millions of dollars to Substance Abuse Disorder and its wide effects. Educate your employees and make a positive impact that will ultimately affect your bottom line.

  • Invite Lisa Hall as a keynote speaker for an educational luncheon.
  • Send an email to employees including the trailer and resource information.
  • Provide a virtual screening of the Full Length Version to all employees to watch on demand.


This film is relevant and impactful for many conferences including those focused on Mental Health, Recovery, Education, First Responders, Law Enforcement, and Substance Use Disorder.

  • Utilize Lisa as a keynote speaker for main or breakout sessions.
  • Play just the trailer for the Full Length Version during main sessions to highlight community movement
  • Offer all conference attendees a virtual screening of the film with a conference specific login.


Children are now being exposed to substance use in early elementary school. Children in families that suffer from Substance Use Disorder are alone and without support because of the stigma attached to the disease. Eliminate judgment and open up conversations that will help families come together to support children and heal communities.

  • Utilize the Educational Version in classrooms
  • Support the learning with a public screening of the Abridged Version in the evening for parents
  • Invite community resources to set up tables and offer information and awareness to families


Even members of involved and supportive families can fall unsuspectingly into Substance Use Disorder. This disease does not discriminate on any level. Educate and empower your church to eliminate shame, release judgment, and bring healing to those members of your congregation that need it the most.

  • Have public screening of the Full Length Version or Abridged Version of the film. Advertise it to the community at large.
  • Invite resources in your community to participate beforehand with informational tables during a coffee hour.
  • Have a discussion panel led by community leaders to answer questions after the film.