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In Brown County and throughout the United States, the stakes could not be higher. Hear from the teachers, law enforcement officers, and community leaders working hard to stem the tide of addiction. See the issue play out in courts, treatment centers, and faith-based programs. Come alongside a community searching for solutions and hope on the long journey from addiction to recovery. The Addict’s Wake shows the depth of the crisis, but also sheds light on a path forward.

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Substance Use Disorder unravels families and communities.The Addict’s Wake is a clarion call for community partners to join together to reverse the damages of pandemic drug use. Recovery is possible and this documentary features both those who are fighting successfully those who are not. From the panic of overdose to the slower deaths of despair, the ramifications of addiction run deep in America. (This abridged version leaves out one major story that is included in the feature length.)

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The Addict’s Wake is available to schedule and license for your event directly from our on-line distribution service. Additional resources are also provided here to ensure your event is as impactful as possible.